Sunday, May 15, 2011

Everything I design these days seems to be work related....

We needed some samples at work with these tubes that weren't girly, our other sample was very girly. I love these swords I created with the Silhouette machine and these long skinny tubes called "Tube- Magic Wand". This first one is more of a plain sword done with black tie bazzill bling cardstock and a sheer silver ribbon wrapped around the rest. With an snug cap, it is the perfect place for tiny treats. What boy wouldn't love to receive one, it would be a great birthday party favor!
This second version is more like how I envision a pirate sword, very swash-buckling in my mind. I designed the handle with my Silhouette machine, the long skinny tubes called "Tube- Magic Wand" and some gold cardstock. Aaaarr!
I love my Silhouette, it is a fabulous machine and has software anyone can use.
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